What can we say.  With more than twenty years in the production industry we have staff with a wealth of experience.  Most important to us, is attitude above all things.  Our team is here to make you look good and feel comfortable with the process.  Yes the end product is the cornerstone of why we are hired, but how we get there is just as important.  Getting somewhere is so much better if the trip was enjoyable.  

We also believe in putting the right team together.  All of our staff have learned to "play well in the sandbox".  Sometimes we are required to work with companies that are our competitors.  No games, the successful event is the goal.  

Respect for the end client is paramount.  Especially in DC, events are rarely backing the status quo.  We are raising awareness for or against something with politically charged agendas. Regardless of our personal beliefs, we are here to support the agenda that we have been hired to.  Attitudes are checked at the door.  

​The right gear for the job is crucial.  While we have a healthy support structure, we avoid owning lots of equipment.  Once you buy it, you have to pay for it, and that leads to profit before production.  We have a huge team of partners in the industry, and build our team from their core competency.  By doing this, we enable the right gear and the right people to support out clients without adding a heavy cost to the process, because we make it our business to know everybody else's business.