It was great working with you again at the Global Forum.  The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks, in large part, to your efforts.  As I see it, if the Jews did beatification, you'd be at the top of the list.

Ben Cohen - AJC
Flawless. Highly Successful. And, so tremendously skilled on your part...I know very well that flawless execution does not just happen; you skill it into being.  You did that...and we are so deeply grateful to you , and what you accomplished yesterday.  Thank you.

Peter Samuleson - President, Splashlife
Thank you for all your help and hustle.  You were the best part of the event and program.  Your work and follow through was spectacular.

Kathleen Adams - MSL Detroit
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating an amazing visual experience.  Thank you so much for everything.

Shelia Feinberg
Gala Chair - Lab School
Wow! What an incredible evening last night.  I can't thank you enough for your help and support in making our event happen to such exquisite perfection.  I very much enjoyed working with you and am grateful for your flexibility in dealing with our decision making process.  You helped us get to where we needed to be with this program in an easy and straightforward manner that meshed well with our group.
It was a pleasure to work with you and I'm looking forward to another opportunity in the future.

Chaz Papa
The Nature Conservancy
Another great year!  Thank you for all of your support and motivation to make another great event.  It was truly a great team and everyone had a major part in the success.  We look forward to our new, lovely National Building Museum again next year and next.  You are so great to work with and I hope we can find more opportunities.

Lisa Bowling - MC2
NCQA is tremendously grateful for your creative approach to updating/upgrading the look for this special 20th anniversary year.  Your crew was terrific, pleasant (always a plus!), and helpful.  We very much appreciacte your leadership in helping pull it (and keep it!) together.  Such a pleasure working with you an this event,

Mary Ann Mills - Gardner Mills Group
I think I can speak on behalf of the entire Maret Gala Committee, when I say that you really came through for us, with creating a spectacular party!
Through lighting, sound, video/projection, and the seamless coordination of it all, there wasn't a single glitch, just delight!  Thank you for your easy, professional, service!

Olvia Adamstein-Demetriou
Maret Gala Chair
We had nothing but glowing reviews from our customers as well as from my corporate office. So, great job!

Rocell Viniard - Vice President, Director of Marketing,  National Harbor